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How to register Corporate Internet Banking Standard Edition?
The following documents shall be provided to your A/C-opening outlet to open your Corporate Internet Banking if you already have a corporate settlement A/C at the ICBC: 1. ICBC E-Banking Registration Form for Corporate Customers and the attached forms. 2. ID documents and the duplicates: 1) Operating license of legal entities and its duplicates for legal entity clients; 2) Corporate operating license and its duplicates for non-legal entity clients; 3) Registration certificates for private non-corporate organizations; 4) Operating license and its duplicates for individual businessmen; 5) Basic deposit A/C-opening registration certificate and official approval documents of the governing body for independently-auditing auxiliary institutions; 6) Zero-balance A/C-opening notification and other documents for budget institutions applying for zero-balance A/C; 7) Approval documents or certificates of the governing body for other organizations (institutions). 3. Reserved seal. 4. ID documents of person-in-charge. Power of Attorney is required if the person-in-charge is not the legal representative or head of the company (organization). For details on additional documents, please contact the A/C-opening outlet.