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What conditions shall be met to apply for ICBC Easy Loan?
The following conditions shall be met: 1) natural person between 18 (incl) to 70 (incl) years old with full civil behavior ability; 2) wage payment customers with good credibility; 3) ICBC debit card (passbook) or credit card holders.
Prompts: 1. Proprietary fund balance of payment a/c shall not be lower than the trading amount incurred, if you use debit card or passbook for payment or apply for ICBC Easy Loan. 2. The aforementioned is basic conditions. On top of that, the bank will grant the loan only to customers of certain internal ratings which will be determined by their age, occupation, assets, income, and so on. You can also submit your application via online banking, mobile banking, etc. A successful agreement conclusion indicates you’ve met the requirements for ICBC Easy Loan.