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Overseas Financial Service
We provide the clients with personalized cross-border financial services and solutions, so as to meet their demands of global asset allocation.

·Overseas Financial Management
Financial management services, such as cash management, property management, liability management, liquidity management, tax management, risk management, financial diagnostic and planning services, are provided to fulfil the management of the clients’ overseas assets.

·Cross-border Investment
Through the structural designs of QDII, QFII, RQFII products, we provide solutions that help the clients to achieve cross-border investment.

·Offshore Asset Management
Clients’ offshore assets are well allocated by the investment products and portfolio management services we offer, on currency, foreign exchange, precious metals, fixed income, equity, public/private equity funds and alternative investments.

·Offshore Investment Banking
Based on the platform of ICBC’s investment banking, we offer services ranging from bond issuance, new shares issuance and additional issuance, debt regrouping and financing.

·Migration Financial Service
Linking with ICBC’s overseas branches and professional third-parties, we provide advisory on immigration policies, designed financial solutions for immigration, overseas asset management and so forth.

·Financial Service for Overseas Education
With the assistance of ICBC’s overseas branches and subsidiaries, we provide financial advisory, planning and implementing services for overseas study, including setting up educational accounts, remittances, financial advisory services and so forth.

·Cross-border Financial Solutions
We design financial solutions for domestic clients investing overseas and foreign clients investing in China.