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i. Financial Products: ICBC Private Banking provides a wide variety of financial products including fixed-income products, equity products, commodity-based products, and derivatives, which highly meet clients' needs.
The wealth management product system mainly consists of all kinds of products. With regard to financial services, ICBC Private Banking, by leaning on the strong capabilities of the ICBC Group, satisfies clients' demands in asset allocations covering the whole markets, all subject matters and all periods.

ii. Selection Services: ICBC Private Banking selects products and services from third-party financial institutions (agents) for clients.
ICBC Private Banking selects premium products from third-party financial institutions (agents) for clients, including but not limited to: public funds; insurance; asset management plans of fund companies and their subsidiaries, securities companies and their subsidiaries, and insurance companies, trust programs, PE equity investment funds and private equity funds.

iii. Overseas Services: Convenient interactive account opening services, comprehensive asset allocation services and flexible global financing services are offered to global clients.
1. Convenient Interactive Account Opening Services
We provide clients with "exit-free" account establishment services in many countries and regions, including: Singapore, Macao, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and so on.
2. Comprehensive Asset Allocation Services
We provide clients with basic allocation services including stocks, funds, bonds and insurance; customize special account investment services according to customer investment terms, risk appetites and investment strategies; provide offshore family trust services around family wealth inheritance needs.
3. Flexible Global Financing Services
We provide clients and their related companies with a variety of exclusive financing services such as overdraft accounts, margin trading and mortgage/pledge loans, and provide flexible liquidity solutions to meet temporary large-amount consumption needs and capture market investment opportunities in a timely manner.

iv. Tailor-made Discretionary Account Services: ICBC Private Banking provides clients whose financial assets are over 50 million RMB with customized investment strategy and asset allocation services.
1. Exclusive Large-scale Asset Allocation Services
We offer exclusive service accounts for clients, build large-scale asset allocation models for clients, and provide portfolio management services with high-value deposit certificates, private banking wealth management products, private banking selected products, public funds, special creditor's right and equity financing projects, etc. as the allocation targets.
2. Exclusive Comprehensive Investment and Financing Services
We provide clients with exclusive comprehensive investment and financing services, including but not limited to inclusive finance services and investment and financing innovation services.
3. Exclusive Insurance and Security Planning Services
We provide clients with large-value life insurance policies, high-end medical care, critical illness cover, elderly care planning, elderly care real estate, shareholder mutual insurance, global security and other services.

v. Family Wealth Management Services: ICBC Private Banking offers wealth inheritance service, investment advisory service, cross-border advisory service, financial advisory service, affair management and other services to ultra-HNWIs.
The family wealth management business is open to contracted ICBC clients of extremely high net worth. According to the needs of clients and their families, family members or specific charitable groups are designated as beneficiaries, and wealth inheritance, investment advisory service, limited financing, cross-border advisory service, financial advisory service, affair management and other services are provided.

vi. ICBC Group Integrated Services: ICBC Private Banking leverages the resources within the Group, and offers clients global assistance, exclusive credit card service, outlets priority and precious metal services.
1. Global Commercial Assistance
Upon appointment, clients can enjoy financial and commercial service assistance under the management of 36 tier-1 branches in China and of ICBC Private Banking service institutions in 21 countries and regions. ICBC Private Banking utilizes global resources to provide clients with comprehensive cross-region and cross-border.
2. Exclusive Black Gold Credit Card
It is exclusive for ICBC Private Banking clients. The card is made from titanium. clients can choose the card numbers. The credit line is RMB1 to 5 million, and the credit line can be shared by a family. Once the card is used for consumption, 2.5 times reward points will be earned. Card holders can enjoy six categories of top interests (more than 20 interests) of UnionPay.
3. Priority Preferential Privileges of Outlets
Clients can enjoy the Bank's priority services, remittance fee discounts, foreign exchange purchase discounts, precious metal transaction rate discounts, and e-banking golden services of all outlets. Centurion card holders can enjoy the highest priority services of ICBC outlets. 
4. Exclusive Precious Metal Services
Trading rate discounts, priority to purchase rare physical products, exclusive precious metal product customization, and special appreciation experience activities.

vii. Value-added Services
1. Healthcare Service:
Medical Assistance Service
One-on-one Health Advisory Service
Overseas Medical Services
2. Wealth-related Service:
Economic Forums Service
Law and Taxation Service
Private Banking Magazines
3. Inheritance-related Service:
Summer&Winter Vacation Camps
Charity Service
Practice Camps
4. Travel-related Service:
Airport Pick-up and Drop-off Service
Private Concierge Service
Global Emergency Service
Tourism Salons
Custom-made Journey Service
5. Art Service:
Art Lectures and Exhibitions
Photography Contests
Artwork Customization Service
6. Entertainment&Leisure Service:
ICBC Mall Private Banking Sector
Resource Sharing Platforms