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Mobile Banking

Introduction: ICBC Mobile Banking is a mobile banking service for moblie phone users. Just logon to enjoy the convenience of access to all the ICBC financial services on your phone. It provides services such as account management, transfer and remittance, credit card payment, fixed deposit.

Target Client: Mobile phone users holding ICBC phnom penh branch bank card or passbook.

Features and Advantages:
1. Safe and reliable, ICBC e-password device to help you protect the amount in your account.
2.Rich functions: A variety of financial services under 8 major functions for you to enjoy financial services, and accumulate wealth, including account inquiry, transfer and remittance, credit card payment.
3.Exclusive services: Same styles of interfaces,flows and steps as in existing iphone\android mobile phone application software, familiar feel to iphone\android users.

Application Conditon:
1.You need to provide your valid ID card or passport and a registered ICBC phnom penh branch bank card or passbook.
2.Download and install the client software from app store\google play.