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Investment Banking Research Service
☆ Description
The Research Center of the Investment Banking Department at the Head Office of ICBC is the first investment banking analyst team in the Chinese banking industry. It follows the principles of “identify investment opportunity, enhance enterprise value”, and provides pertinent high-quality investment banking research services to the customers by integrating research with consultancy service, combining report reserves with direct services, and based on the macro strategy and industrial research.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Research Center has been continuously providing five major categories of research products to more than 30,000 customers. These products include thematic reports that make in-depth exploration of the specific economic problems, commentary reports that make timely and professional comments on the hot issues and events, as well as the daily, weekly and monthly reports that track and analyze the major events or data of a certain period of time. Products of the Research Center cover macro economy, investment strategies, as well as multiple significant fields (industries) such as finance, real estate, transportation, energy and consumption etc. and their leading enterprises. Upon years of diligent work, the Research Center has built certain influence in the market and was awarded the second and first prizes during the “Vision Cup” global macroeconomic forecast selection held by the Capital Week in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

Overview of the Research Fields Covered by the Research Center

Macro Economy Investment Strategy   Industry
Chinese economy Stocks Foreign?exchange Banking Real estate Iron & steel Urban ?construction
US economy Bonds Commodities? Electricity Coal Petroleum &?petrochemicals Alternative energy
European?economy Wealth? management Trust Construction ?materials Home ?appliances Automobiles Machinery
Japanese economy Metals Funds Highways Railway Shipping/Ports Aviation/ Airports
Emerging?markets     Food & beverage Electronics Communication Pharmaceuticals
      Culture & media Publishing Tourism Commercial & Retailing

In addition to the abovementioned conventional research products, the Research Center of the Investment Banking Department also provides individualized value-added research services based on the customers’ unique demands, including holding forums for regional high-end customers, special forums on investment banking, and thematic trainings for customers, and providing special investment and financing consultancy services about the capital market, macro policies and industrial development.

☆ Applicable Targets
Mainly investment banking customers of ICBC.

☆ Distinctive Advantages
Backed by the ICBC platform, direct services, customization and direct response to customers’ demand: the investment banking research of the Bank sets foot in the huge customer base of ICBC and thus has natural information advantages; it directly provides you with the insights on macroeconomic trends, financial market development, industrial trends and changes in enterprise value; meanwhile it also offers customized research services and provides consultancy advices on the hot and thorny issues in your operation management.

Full-time research teams with extensive experience and offering specialized solutions: We have a full-time research team specialized in investment banking; the average age of the team is 32.6 years old; 96% of team members have a master’s or higher degree and work experience in brokerage or industry research; over 30% have the experience of studying or working overseas. With solid strength and abundant experience, the team can customize specialized solutions for you and help boost enterprise value.

Extensive research fields, wide coverage, investment & financing needs and multi-dimensional solutions: the investment banking research of ICBC boasts an extensive coverage of more than 30 industries, and has built up rich accumulation in research of the capital market and industrial features. It is able to rapidly identify the business opportunities, efficiently provide you with the consultancy suggestions on your investment & financing demand, and provide solutions on multiple dimensions.

☆ Service Channels and Time
You can access the latest research reports and published historical reports in the “financial advisor” section on our official website; receive such reports by email by contacting the investment banking departments of our local branches; access research services via the “ICBC Investment Banking” WeChat, blog and other new media platforms; or directly contact the Research Center of the Investment Banking Department of ICBC for investment and financing advisory services.

☆ The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by ICBC Phnom Penh Branch. To save your time, please consult ICBC Phnom Penh Branch before applying for the service.