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Real Estate Development Loans

☆ Introduction
A loan released to the borrower for the construction of residential property, commercial property such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, and related facilities.

☆ Application Conditions
(I) Conditions of the Borrower:
1. Corporate company registered under the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia;
2. Clear property title, good governance, standardized business management, good financial standing;
3. Account opened in ICBC; Good credibility, ability to repay principal and interest of loan when due;
4. Paid-up capital, real-estate development statement of qualifications must meet the related rules stipulated by ICBC.

(II). Conditions of the Project:
1. Included in the State/regional development plan, the project and filing documents are legal, complete, truth and valid;
2. Complete with Ownership Title of Land, Construction & Planning Permission Documents, Construction Permission Documents, etc;
3. Capital funds for the project must meet the related rules stipulated by ICBC.

☆ The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by ICBC Phnom Penh Branch. To save your time, please consult ICBC Phnom Penh Branch before applying for the service.