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Personel Banking

Personal Internet Banking , is an internet banking channel that provides ICBC personal clients with online financial services , including account inquiry, transfer and remittance, and other function.

Target Client:
Personal clients of good credit reputation holding ICBC bank card, account opened in the ICBC Phnom Penh Branch, can all apply to sign up for Personal Internet Banking.

Features and Advantages:
1.Safe and Reliable, a rigorous standard digital certification system that has passed the national security authentication.
2.Strong Function: multi-account management that facilitates you and your financial management, personalized functions, 24 hours of online service.
3.Abudant Informations, provides you with the inquiry of bank information, transfer and remittance, time deposit and other service and information.

Application Conditon:
You need to provide your valid ID card or passport and a registered ICBC phnom penh branch.